Beautiful Disaster

Half past five in the morning,

She wore her magnificent blue dress again

She spent hours meticulously concealing 

Every inch of her darkness.

At the crack of dawn

Her sparkling blue gaze shook the world

She is an object of envy

She is an angel in disguise.

Nevertheless, her mind is like mine

Chaos—exerting all its built-in pressure 

Bursting at the seams with thunder and lightning 

For the inevitable is on the way.

“The face is the index of the mind”

Grey dominated blue in split-seconds

When the cloudy vapors 

Lured her darling muse—yet there was 

Stillness in the midst of mayhem

As her storm eventually subsided;

Traumatized by this repeated pattern, 

She manifested a sliver of hope

To detach from the roots of her deeper wounds.

On the verge of terminating this toxic cycle,

She glanced at me and found a resemblance 

The sky and I are kindred souls,

Forever bound by the walls of conformity

Trying to break through it all,


~ 𝑨𝒅𝒉𝒊𝒊𝒆𝒆

12 thoughts on “Beautiful Disaster

  1. I really liked this, I like the photos you pared with this work they added to reading of the piece, excellently. I felt like you really took me there, at the end I had to remind myself that it is winter, and I am in fact inside. Thank you for adding me, I look forward to seeing more from you!!


  2. Avigail (Hineini…I’m here)

    Beautiful pairing of mother nature and our emotional states of mind! The last three lines really resonated with me.


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